In the good old days marketing just consisted of placing adverts where you thought your customers would see them, well, news flash! Nothing has changed.

It may have been the case that the only real avenues open to companies in the past were either print or TV ads, but doesn’t mean the business has changed, with the advent of different technology and outlets, it just means there are more opportunities available to you.

The philosophy is exactly the same as it always has been: When a company needs to sell a product or service they just push their promotional messages in the places that their prospective customers are most likely to see it, interact with it and then, hopefully, spend their money accordingly.

We now have the internet, social media, traditional print ads, direct mail marketing, TV, radio, email, mobile push and many other avenues ready and waiting to be utilised. Just sticking to print because that’s always worked in the past is a big mistake. A good, well researched and well coordinated campaign will encompass all of the outlets I mention and more.

This does not mean that you will end up spending more money on your marketing campaigns, quite the opposite, you could actually save money. Instead of unleashing a scatter-gun approach and wasting half of your money, we can use comprehensive market research coupled with real customer targeting to only put your message where it will get the result you desire.

The constant, positive reinforcement of that message still needs to appear across all media types and channels but harnessing new technologies we can truly monitor and evaluate your marketing spend in a way that marketeers in the past could only ever dream of, and almost in real time too, giving you a much faster return on your investment.

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