Simon Hastelow

Photography, Media and Marketing

I have over 30 years experience in Media and Marketing. A native of Staffordshire, I lived in London for more than 20 years. I now live in Essex.

I have worked for a diverse range of companies, consumer and trade magazines, national newspapers, scientific and medical journals.

I was gifted a printing press for my 13th birthday and from then on was obsessed with the printed word. I trained as a graphic designer at Stafford Art College and, like most designers, tolerated a module on photography as part of the curriculum.

Just like my design course involved real pen-on-paper skills (no computers back then) the photography involved real cameras with no such thing as an ‘auto’ button. We shot on black and white film and developed and printed our own 8″x10″ prints.

I have no idea what happened to everything I shot, drew or designed at Stafford. Me and my portfolio went our separate ways sometime during the 35 years since I graduated.

I didn’t really think seriously about Photography again for a long time. I worked as a photo-retoucher for the Daily Mail and that prompted me to pick up a camera again.

Some of my photographer friends are still annoyed when I say “I’ll fix that in Photoshop” but I’ve used the program for over 25 years so it is not surprising that my digital skills can overcome in the limitations of my camera skills!




Whether you need a professional portfolio to kickstart your modelling career or would just like a set of fantastic images to give to a loved one I can help you create absolutely the most fabulous portfolio you could imagine.

Food and Menu

Almost everyone takes photos of their food to post on instagram but if you’re in the business you need your food to pop right out of the screen. A quick snap with your phone won’t be able to do that so let me help.

Image Editing

It’s not always possible to get the exact shot you need straight from the camera, that’s where image editing and photo retouching comes in. Whether you just need images cleaned up or full-on high-end editing I can assist.

Product Shots

The only way to sell a product online is to use the best possible images. It might be for an e-commerce shop or online marketing, a set of images from a variety of angles, all cut out and ready to go will help you sell.


Automotive photography is an art form in itself. Great shots for your online sales forecourt are very different to those used in a magazine feature but the basics are the same: The car is the star and the photos should evoke a passion.

Fashion and Editorial

Showing off your fashion brand or marketing the latest season’s lines for your boutique takes a bit of effort. The perfect recipe needs perfect lighting, good location, enthusiastic model and a photographer’s creative eye.


Other services...

Social Media

Everyone is on Facebook, so all you have to do is post stuff, right? Well, you could do that, and just sell to your friends.


Marketing is not just advertising, it is a more rounded approach to getting your message in front of your potential customers.

Graphic Design

Pen to paper, mouse pointer to screen or brush to canvas, getting a message across in graphic form has not changed.


The power of online shopping can open up massive new opportunities for a company or brand, when done right.


More than just marketing by a different name. Public Relations secures and maintains your brand’s identity and integrity.


Putting a string of words together in a way that people may find interesting and actually enjoy reading them.