Taking Photos of Friends on a Smartphone

Smartphone photography isn’t a trend; it’s now the primary way people capture essential (and not-so-important) events in their lives. And the advances and improvements in the quality of smartphone images continue to amaze amateurs and professionals alike. But regardless of how clever the smartphone is, you can always get a better image when the person […]

Change the Angle

Most people use their cameras from standing and end up with the same photos as everyone else. Do you want your photos to stand out? Make your images more dynamic by using unique angles. Get down low or climb high to give your pictures some distinctive flair. Looking Up Taking photos from a low vantage point […]

Caring for Your Memory Card

Memory cards store the digital images that your camera takes. Although photographers pay attention to cameras and lenses, they don’t often consider the device that holds all the images they take. Unfortunately, it’s easy to corrupt a memory card, which results in losing all its photos. You can minimize the risk of corruption by following […]

Camera Tips: Flash Options

When you set your camera to auto-flash, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get great photos every time. Why not? Because your camera takes many things into consideration and doesn’t always get them right. The three most common flash problems are: the flash doesn’t go off when you need it, the flash fires when you don’t […]

Tips for Photographing Friends and Family

It’s easy to take a snapshot, but if you want to take an impressive photo of a friend or family member, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Don’t work too hard at posing a friend or family member. Try photographing your subject in their favorite place or at least a comfortable and […]

Outdoor Flower Photography

Flowers have always been a favorite subject for photographers. It’s probably because with flowers, you can get a variety of photos from the same subject simply by shooting from different angles and zoom settings. Do you want to try flower photography? The most important things to keep in mind are lighting and background. Less Light: […]

Street Photography Tips

Have you tried street photography yet? It’s a great way to build up your camera skills, and it helps you to be ready for holiday photography. Street photography is perfect for capturing images that reveal the excitement of cities and the authenticity of suburban life. Unlike most forms of photography that attempt to display a […]

Why can’t I drop my ISO?

When we want a clear, sharp photograph, photographers choose the lowest ISO because it has the finest definition, but how low can it go? ISO (pronounced eye-so) allows the photographer to control the camera’s light sensitivity using a numerical system. The lower the ISO number (e.g. 200 or 400), the less sensitive the camera will […]